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Jonas Brothers Wows Irvine
Written by Melissa Garcia   
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 04:25

There was a fever of excitement in the air that was pure and true. I haven't felt that kind of unshielded and explosive excitement since I was dragged to an N'sync concert when I was eleven. As I entered the venue, the opener for the "Welcome to Camp Rock" Jonas Brother tour was just arriving on stage. Demi Lovato had the crowds of teeny boppers screaming there little pre-pubesent hearts out, and as soon as their screams  traveled to those who were barely entering the Amphitheater, the stampede of children began. Screaming and running consumed the actions of the youngin's as their middle age parents lagged behind yelling "Slow down!" The spirit of the crowd was just like those for the few boy band concerts I was forced to attend with my sister so many years ago. Shirts were made and worn declaring their love of a specific Jo bro, painted faces, and signs that read "I Love JB (Not Justin Beiber)!" I even saw a little girl on her dads shoulders holding up a Jonas Brothers doll. No doubt that their popularity has risen to the that of the boy bands of the late 90's, especially with the help of their Disney channel shows, Jonas, Jonas LA,  and their Camp Rock movies. But before the mayhem of the JB's were to be released, Demi Lovato commanded the stage.

A bit too much of spray tan, but still cute as can be Ms. Lovato sang. The crowd was as big as I've seen it, there were even people packed to the back fences of the lawn area. But the Verizon Amphitheater (Irvine) didn't call for a raging fire pit this time. After a few songs, the actors/dancers graced the stage with dance numbers and a rap or two from the Camp Rock 2  movie that premiered on the Disney Channel two weeks ago. "Start The Party," and "Give You The Fire" were performed from the Camp Rock stars. Soon after, Demi came out with a more rock and roll look, wearing a leather jacket, a chunky silver necklace, and hi black heels to sing "Get Back." LIke most actors on the D channel who turn into little musical entrepreneurs, she wasn't a great singer, her voice sounded strained and out of breath. The talent that she did uphold was truly showcased during her performance of "Don't Forget," where it was just her and an acoustic guitar, and by the end of the song she was rocking out on a custom Gibson SG guitar that had "Demi" written in pink cursive on its neck. It was my favorite performance of the night, and It wouldn't be the last time she'd be on stage that night. During her performance of "Remember December," she poked out a solo on the piano which was a nice touch. Her time on stage lasted about an hour and half, which is a generous amount of time for an opener. She ended with the up beat and somewhat cheesy tune "Its On."

As the kids energy was still in the highs, the parents were beginning to yawn. After a 30 minute break to set-up the Jo Bro's stage for their performance they finally were revealed. As the huge screen broke off into six separate pieces the screams were deafening and the Jonas Brother stepped out from behind the once massive screen. They began with "This Is The Night,"  and without stopping they continued through "Hold On" and "Year 3000," which let me tell you, had the most nonsensical, brainless and corny background images, that are too numbing to describe. Lets just say, they seemed condescending even to the 6 year olds in the audience. After all, this is a Disney production, the innovators for cartoon imagery, I think they could have at least tried for a band as big as the Jonas Brothers. When "Heart and Soul" came on, background dancers flipped and rolled on to the stage, and at the end of the song there was a girl break dancer who did a head spin for about 30 seconds straight, and when she got up she didn't even stumble. My guess, she's from the year 3000 where getting dizzy doesn't exist.

Finally! A minute break between a song! Nick was given an acoustic, and a challenge. He announced that through out the tour Joe, his brother and main vocalist, challenges him to finish this song as fast as he can. His time to beat was 2:01( I bet can't you guess the outcome of this.) He plays it in 1:59. Shocker! One of the few songs I knew "I Gotta Find You" was played and Demi came out to help Joe out with it. She stayed for a duet for the song "This Is Me," and "I Wouldn't Change A Thing." Joe finally loses his grey sparkle jacket and exposes his muscular arms to the drooling crowd. I have to admit, I found myself wiping the drool from my chin too. Kevin, the oldest,  who quickly is approaching the "too old for this band" age of 23, finally speaks up. He announces that Irvine is the last show of the tour and with that, he would like to play a song from a man who has inspired him, Mr. Paul McCartney and plays "Drive My Car." And surprisingly Nick plays a song from his solo record "Who I Am," where he takes his place on a pure white piano, and as his brother gather around him a platform lifts them up 50 feet in the air where they play the rest of the song. "Look Me In The Eyes," was played, and I sang along because I actually knew the lyrics... well for the most part. A few pyrotechnics, bright lights, and lots of Disney stars is what your in for when you attend a Jonas Brothers concert. It was cute and the boys are talented so you haters don't knock em' down! It wasn't something I'd pay to go to, but it was nice seeing the youngin's having such a blast, and the parents looking for an escape route.

A big thank you to Dominique Dinh for the photos!


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