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The Aquabats at Fonda Theatre
Written by Priscella Vega   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 18:27

Pool floaties, glow sticks and neon colored rash guards set the atmosphere at Saturday’s The Aquabats headlining show at The Fonda with supporting acts Emily’s Army and Kepi Ghoulie.

The ridiculously cold temperature didn’t deter any fans from sporting their pool party attire and accessories for the show. It was a party as soon as fans where let into the venue as a group of fans started off the traditional “Duck, Duck, Goose” game in the center of the room before the show began. Meanwhile, pool floaties and glow sticks where thrown around all the while a little cadet occasionally ran between fans’ legs.

Fans of all ages packed inside eagerly awaiting The Aquabats as Emily’s Army kicked off the night. The quartet’s pop-punk tunes had a few fans start up a small pit near the front while others enjoyed from afar. Despite being openers, the band was received positively.

Kepi Ghoulie followed after and set off a dance party. Although many in the venue may have never heard of Kepi, the musician’s infectious attitude and upbeat tunes had everyone on the floor dancing. Kepi’s love for multicolored balloons and silly string only added to his already entertaining performance.

During the band’s performance, Kepi had The Aquabats’ Eaglebones guest perform on bass guitar while Kevin Preston of Prima Donna and The Foxboro Hot Tubs also joined in on guitar. Kepi threw out presents throughout his entire set, encouraging the Christmas spirit and ranting on about his love for keeping everyone happy.

As the floor continued to get packed with cadets, the lights finally dimmed and a screen projected a Christmas snippet of “The Aquabats! Super Show!” The screen counted down and the bright blue neon colored super heroes took the stage and started off their set with their theme song.

Despite the crowd of young cadets, the entire floor shifted with the rambunctious energy of fans. Parents attempted to protect their kids as older fans crowd surfed and attempted to get closer to the MC Batcommander.

The MC Batcommander obviously pleased with the crowd’s energy kept the liveliness high as they performed hit after hit with “Fashion Zombies!,” “Martian Girl” and “Look At Me, I’m A Winner!”

The nippy weather was no longer a concern as body heat quickly escalated inside the venue and the Batcommander consistently wet fans with bottled water.

Throughout the band’s entire set, their backdrop screen projected clips of various obscure television shows and films like cult film “Forbidden Zone.”

Like most Aquabat sets, a crustacean fight ensued on stage followed by banter by the Batcommander that bordered near inappropriate with young fans in the crowd. Older cadets caught on the overtones, while younger fans where probably enthralled with their superhero.

Near the end of the band’s set, Ricky Fitness came onstage dressed in an ugly Christmas sweater and performed his holiday ditty, “Ricky’s Christmas.” Soon after, another Aquabat crewmember went on stage to sing a Spanish holiday jam, “Donde Esta Santa Claus?”

The Aquabats ended their set in style with “Pool Party,” throwing out beach balls with neon lights as members from Emily’s Army and Kepi Ghoulie joined onstage. The silly lyrics and already happy-go-lucky atmosphere of the night reached its pinnacle as the MC Batcommander performed a back-tuck off the Ricky Fitness’ bass drum.


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