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Warped Tour Live Review: We Are The In Crowd
Written by Melissa Garcia   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010 04:35

Just pulling a crowd of 30 or 40 people didn't let them take their performance any less than serious. We Are The In Crowd came out with an explosion of passion and an agenda to conquer the ears of everyone who passed by the Skull Candy stage. The male-female duo added great insight to what most bands don't portray in their songs; both sides of the story. Tay Jardine (vocals) and Jordan Eckes' (vocals/guitar) tug-o-war type of lyrics gives the listener a view of each opinion in their own words, and it masterfully illitrates the battle they both fight in every song. Jardine,  Eckes and bassist Mike Ferri, originally worked together on a studio project, but delightfully they evolved into We Are The In Crowd , with the help from Rob Chinanelli (drums) and Cameron Hurley (guitar).

Since the inked dried on their Hopeless Records contract in 2009, they have been steadily gaining fans. With their seven-song EP, Guarantee to Disagree, fresh from the studios, their pop-rock summer air feel is a definite window dropper for when you and your friends are on a mission to the beach. These Poughkeepsie, New York natives have a splash of electronic drum beats and slight vocal effects (made famous by T-Pain) on Eckes' voice, which makes for a fun, feel good sound.

This years Vans Warped Tour is their first major tour, which they are participating in for all dates. Even with being just the second band to perform on the Skull Candy stage, Tay pushed herself to mere exhaustion that was readable all over her face (maybe it was the sweltering heat at their 12PM performance that made her look as though she was about to pass out ! ). The fact that she, along with the rest of the band, put their all into such a small crowd, made us seem as though we weren't any less important than a crowd of 100,000, which was gratifying. Her bare feet and the way she jumped down into the photo pit and got in the face of the fans got me excited to see what she was going to do next. Her performance got me up and jumping and shouting with enthusiasm, wishing I had known the lyrics to their songs so I could sing along.

What is so great about fresh bands, is that they have the freedom to walk the festival grounds without getting bombarded by fans. I even got to tell Tay how great of a job she did that day when I saw her checking out the tents. If you have a chance to see this band live, weather its at this years Warped Tour, or their own headlining tour (which I most definitely expect to hear about soon) don't miss the chance!


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