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Legalize It: Cypress Hill and Slightly Stoopid Take Over Irvine
Written by Melissa Garcia   
Saturday, 17 July 2010 21:59

I arrived on the scene just in time to catch the first song of Cypress Hill's set. With DJ  Julio on the turntables and Eric "The man with the fastest hands'" Bobo, as the percussionist. By this time, I had a cheese burger in hand and a chilled water bottle to sip on, but even that couldn't make me stay in my seat. By the third song their was twice as many people then there was when they started, it was a good thing because everyone was able to rock out to "How I Could Just Kill A Man," where Eric Bobo absolutely annihilated his bongos with a mean solo at the end of the song. Their was nothing short of entertaining during their set, Sen Dog giving the audience a sexy little dance during "Step Back," and B-Real taking his turn on the drums, while Sen Dog took center stage for a few songs. True to their nature, a 6-foot bong that stretched even taller than B-Real was brought on stage during their performance of "Hits From The Bong." Not to mention that B-Real was still puffin' on a joint from the previous song " I Want To Get High." Like a true ganja champion he milked a terrifyingly massive rip with ease. After, just to make the crowd even more green with envy, he changed the chorus from "Hits from the bong" to "Don't you wanna hit my bong?"

During a brief break, the other talent on stage (DJ Hitman Julio, and Eric Bobo) let their hands do all the talking. DJ Hitman Julio scratched out a ridiculous mix of "Its Time" while battling Eric Bobo on the bongos. Each took turns trying to show each other up, and I really couldn't decide who took the cake on this one. When Cypress Hill came back out they started off with a mash up between them and Snoop Dog, and continued with "Armada Latina," (which is now my new favorite song by them). They announced that their next song was produced by Tom Morello who also strummed the guitar on their newest single "Rise Up," then ending with the timeless anthem" Rock Superstar."

The whole show from beginning to end was full of entertainment and they never let the crowd zone out long enough to get bored. While setting up for Slightly Stoopid, there was a presentation of why the crowd should go out and vote "Yes" Prop 19, expressing that California has been in debt for years now, and with the recession growing steadily, there is no better time to cash in on the most valuable cash crop; Marijuana! Then he reasoned, "No one should be put in jail for smoking marijuana!" Getting the crowd's roars of approval he ended, and Slightly Stoopid started.

The stage was complete with three rugs and a banner of their name behind the drummer.Then they began their musical quest to trip out everyone in the crowd. When I saw these guys at the Coachella festival in 08' it was in the day time, and boy did I miss out. The visuals on the screens were insane! Panoramic visions of them on stage, and multi colored, never ending and forever moving tunnels put you in a trance. If you weren't on drugs, they made damn sure that you felt like you were. Just imagine being stoned! Im sure that every single stoned person thought that Dr. Green Thumb dropped a little bit of D.C.B.A-25 in their pot. It's obvious that Slightly Stoopid is well seasoned in not only perfecting a musically stimulating set, but also by taking their show to the next level with electrifying visuals. All the songs were performed with the vocals set with strong reverb and a slight hint of echoing. The psychedelics were comparable, if not surpassing, a Pink Floyd show. The only thing that was absent from their performance was their lack of activity on stage. I'm sure this just aided them in perfecting each song even better than they did on their albums. And to be honest, the visuals were entertaining enough. With the feel of the old sixties psychedelics in the air, the audience that stood up top, took it upon themselves to turn the grass area into a mini Woodstock.

I'm sure the audience below thought that us in the way back, were having the biggest smoke session ever, by the amount of smoke that rose up from the crowd, but it wasn't the weed that was intoxicating the sky, it was the bonfire made out of shirts and blankets that had the crowd rejoicing in savage ways. The pure savagery that I witnessed made me extremely happy to have made the decision to move up to the grass area during the end of Cypress Hill's set. As I climbed up the most haphazard and inconveniently placed hill that lead to the bonfire pit, I noticed that their was a man with a fire poi, where he got that long of a stick, I don't know, but it was great basking in the talent of a fire poi while sluggish stoners jumped across the fire receiving cheers from the crowd around them. Even the steep incline of the grass area didn't stop those who defied the fire by jumping over it, or the others who danced around the pit. Not only that but a huge mosh-pit was created during the set. After an hour of madness and debauchery Slightly Stoopid left the stage, leaving the whole crowd cheering at the empty stage for good 10 minutes. Then as if it was planned, they came back out with B-Real rapping on the mic, while Slightly Stoopid helped aid him with their musical abilities. They graced our ears with "Collie Man," and reprise of "Closer to the Sun," and finally "World Goes Round."

How’s that for an unforgettable show?



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