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Snoop Dogg Completes Rock The Bells 2010
Written by Melissa Garcia   
Wednesday, 25 August 2010 00:02

The NOS Event Center was a hot mess when I arrived. Forget the miles of traffic,   the lines to get in were just as unorganized and ambiguous as the traffic. I was sure I was going to witness a dude punch the event staff in the face for directing him in the wrong line. Complaints about being misdirected after standing in a two hour line, and being forced to endure the fever of sunlight, were spewed from angry fans just waiting to catch a glimpse of a good time.

After figuring out which line I was supposed to be in I was wildly giddy to find out that along with my press pass, came the ability to enter the "VIP" sections. But my giddiness diminished when I realized the lines for the VIP beverages and bathrooms were the same length of those who didn't pay the extra hundred bucks for VIP. Either way, I was in.

I traveled into the sauna like stage where people were packed in from the barricades to the back wall; it was so hot the body heat was visible even before you entered the building. I hopped over the barricades and quickly took some snap shots of Immortal Technique in action. This was probably my favorite performance of the night. Why? Because of his humble sincerity, and the love he has for his fans. He told the crowd that he wasn't going to go and hide from his fans backstage, and that he loved his fans and that he was going to party right there with him. Then the beat for "Point of No Return" rumbled through the speakers as he came down from the stage and spat his raps while leaning against the barricades. During his performance, a girl had been sitting on the ground right in front of the barricades. I’m guessing all the heat got to her and she wasn't feeling too good, and in the middle of his set he stopped and yelled "Get this girl some water," as he rushed to the barricades nearly hoping over it to get this girl some relief. As she was taken out by his entourage, he continued on with his set, regrettably he announced that they were only giving him 30 minutes on stage. After his short but sweet performance I left for a breath of fresh air and some water and traveled back into the sauna to watch Murs, draped in plaid pants and a white tee.

After, I went to check out the "Citrus" stage where freestyle battles were supposed to take place. But, absolutely nothing was happening at the time. So my attention turned back to the main stage where I and my friends waited for Ms. Lauryn Hill to perform. Squeezing my way to the front I got as close as I could and waited for her appearance, while her DJ spun some classic hits like "Jump Around" by House Of Pain. After his commendable introduction, Lauryn Hill walked out with a red beret and a sheer black dress studded with gleaming black flowers. She came out with "Lost One," which had the crowd jubilantly jumping and screaming. Her performance continued with songs continuously being sung like listening to an album. The only but huge down side was Lauryn Hill's mic, which was turned down way too low, so the band overpowered her for the whole performance. "When it Hurts so Bad," was thrown in there and so was an old Fugee classic "Ooh La La La."  Even "Turn Your Lights Down Low" was sung, and had the whole crowd singing "I wanna give you some good good lovin." The performance was stunning, nostalgic and energetic, if only someone would have turned up her mic!

Next on the list of historic artists was A Tribe Called Quest, which took the excitement of the crowd to bigger level than I've seen all day. "Electric Relaxation," and the timeless "Bonita Applebum," were well appreciated, but not as exciting until they brought out Busta Rhymes to kill it on the mic for "Scenario," that’s when the crowd had pushed themselves about 5 feet forward to get a closer look at the rap legends on stage. To make the performance complete they played with "Can I Kick It?" There is no doubt that the whole crowd was involved, even if you don't even listen to Tribe, you couldn't help but yell back "Yes you can!"

One of the most special acts at Rock The Bells 2010 was of course Wu-Tang Clan, playing the whole 36 Chambers album in its entirety. Wu-Tang was on point, executing every verse, rhyme and chorus with finesse and energy that got the whole crowd on their tired feet. They constantly gave props and shout-outs to Ol' Dirty Bastard throughout the set, and never stopped for a second for some rest. They are die hard performers who are well versed in giving the crowd exactly what they came for, fun of epic proportion.

There is no reasoning on Snoop Dogg's popularity and skill. If you thought he was getting soft these past few years (especially because of his collaboration with Katy Perry on the single "California Girls") THINK AGAIN. He brought it back to the 90's when he was first getting hot, back to the raw, gritty straight outta the hood swagger that only he could illustrate with such a easy going vibe. He not only performed the whole DoggyStyle album but a few extra hits even after his set. Snoop's performance started out a bit confusing, because well, he was nowhere to be seen. After a short video for the "Bathtub (skit)" on the screen behind the stage, the lights blasted on the stage and his entourage along with The Lady Of Rage came on and she spit her verse for "G Funk Intro," while a dude in a huge brown dog suit danced around stage sporting a blue bandana around its head.

Once "Gin and Juice" came on up and out of the dog suit came Snoop Dogg. With fans rapping every word for every song you could feel the happiness radiate off the audience and light up Snoops face. Snoop to the crowd to sing extra loud to the next song to show some love to Nate Dogg, who is currently in the hospital. Thats when Warren G came out to sing "Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None)." Cheers rang in the air and the fans were so loud you could hardly hear Snoop over them. The whole album, even up to the skits in between the songs were played out on the screen and Snoop Dogg didn't miss a beat. After "Pump Pump," the stage went black and the crowd was dismissed. As I was walking away the familar voice of Snoop came through the speakers saying "If you guys get loud enough, I MIGHT just come out again..." Thats when everyone froze and started hootin' and hollerin'. "Man I don't know they ain't gettin' loud enough, I guess they don't wanna hear a couple more songs." Snoop continued and few minutes later, the man of the hour came back out to play "Drop It Like It's Hot," and "I Wanna Rock," to complete his rigorous set. Can it get any better?



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