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Disney on Ice Proves Fun For Everyone
Wednesday, 22 December 2010 18:19

Though Disney on Ice is obviously aimed at a munchkin crowd, it is a show which can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a sweet story line. As a twenty two year old college grad, I was pleasantly surprised...but let’s be real, who doesn’t secretly still have a soft spot for Disney? Opening night of the extravaganza was held at the Honda Center and despite the rain, it certainly attracted a mob of strollers, elderly couples, and youngins on first dates.

In addition to the twirls, flips, and double axles, a large screen off to the side of the ice rink projected images and videos to add to the magic. The candlestick from Beauty and the Beast (Lumiere) is our first introduction, who begins the favorite “Be Our Guest”, soon to be accompanied by an assortment of characters (including but not limited to: Alice, Donald and Daisy Duck, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Aladdin, Jasmin, Mogli, Mickey, Minnie…). Act I commences therein with an Un-birthday Party gone awry, leaving Mickey Mouse to clean up the mess. Upon Goofy’s discovery of a certain hat and cape, Mickey directs a fantastically neon dance of broomsticks in unison across the ice.

Keeping in theme of the slightly eerie, we come upon Halloween, where Jack Skellington is the host of the party—a party for villains. Fog and floor to ceiling spider webs aid in the décor of the soiree while Jack glides across the ice as the guests arrive. We meet Cruella Deville, Captain Hook, Jafar, and more witches and evil do-ers. Mickey arrives and asks the advice of the audience whether he should eat the apple presented to him by the witch from Snow White—to which all the children in the stands scream, No!

If any kids were frightened by this portion of the show they had certainly forgotten by the time the next scene started. Minnie tells the Fairy Godmother that all she wants is to be a princess and have a valentine. She questions how to know if her prince really loves her. Next are seven gracefully acrobatic performances by Disney couples: Jasmine and Aladdin find “A Whole New World”, Belle and the Beast do a “Tale as Old as Time”, Cinderella, Mulan,Snow White, Ariel, and Tia follow… however we see no Sleeping Beauty.

Intermission brings us to Mickey and Minnie’s decision on where to go on vacation, but a mix-up in their travel machine leaves them separated. A Lilo and Stitch inspired tropical scene is set, complete with a game of limbo, surfing, and a ring of fire set right on the ice. A Brazilian themed number is next with brilliantly feathered sparkling costumes…I’m pretty sure Mickey even did the Moonwalk at one point. Minnie comes next to Japan complete with socks and sandals, before the two meet again in New Orleans among zoot suits and Margis Gras.

The act concludes with the holiday which brings all together—Christmas of course! The gang from Toy Story joins the rest of the group for a genuinely hilarious final performance. The characters are loveable and incredibly silly, you can’t help but adore them. The concert never felt too long, (which is especially important when keeping up with kids) and was simply enjoyable. My final word on the event is stolen from the six year old girl who sat behind me: “Wow!”

Disney on ice will be at the Honda Center through the 26th before going to Ontario on the 30th. For more information and tickets you can visit www.ticketmaster.com or http://disney.go.com/disneyonice/ 


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