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Slightly Stoopid Parties with Fans at Seedless Summer Tour
Written by Melissa Garcia   
Tuesday, 20 September 2011 05:48

The Seedless Summer Tour featuring Shwayze, Rebelution and Slightly Stoopid was hosted this Saturday at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.Slightly Stoopid always brings something new to their shows, no two tours are ever the same.  For this performance, rasta man Don Carlos, sang two songs on stage dressed in a classy beige suit, dreads a plunder and a beard unruly and grey. Their set was energetic despite the lack of audience. About 40 percent of the seats were empty and for Shawyze’s opening performance, it was worse.

Before the Slightly Stoopid performance, the roadies handed out foam hands.  Some of which were holding a joint, or sparking a lighter, which was appropriate for the genre of music.  The gift was a generous one because almost everyone in the pit area had an extra hand that night.

Being the intricate reggae band that they are they were prepared with a three-man horn section alongside the percussionist and their official three piece band. They took off with “Baby I Like it Raw” and “Officer,” at which point I saw a pregnant lady jamming the beat out on her belly.

To liven up the energy in the small crowd, they played one of their more punk rock songs.  They also introduced a new song called “We Don’t Wanna Go.” But by the time they got about half way through “Mellow Mood” a 300 pound security guard plummeted off stage (taking one of the mic stands with him) into the crowd. It stopped the performance for a minute while the fight that broke out was extinguished. Kind of ironic that the there was a hostile mood during the song huh?

Slightly Stoopid found a way to make this performance a better one with the cover of The Meters’ song “Cissy Strut,” which took me by surprise. These fellas have some great musical influences and it’s shown in the music they compose.

They had a storm of guest appearances besides the Don Carlos who sang “Wiseman” during their encore; they also brought to stage their opener Shwayze who spit versus from “Speedometer.” After, he added a verse from the Jay-Z song “I Just Wanna Love U.” To get even funkier, they added Shwayze’s trumpeter to the line-up for a couple songs.

Now, don’t think if you’ve seen Slightly Stoopid once, you’ve seen it all. This group always has something different planned for each tour and show so don’t miss em’ or dismiss em’! They have plenty to offer newcomers as well as Stoopid veterans.

Rebelution was a great choice as their opener. If you weren’t there to see Slightly Stoopid (and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you be?) then you were definitely there for Rebelution.  Fake marijuana plants were their choice of stage décor. They started the set with a short intro into “Green to Black” and “Lazy Afternoon.” They didn’t waste any time between songs to give the audience a show filled with their best material (trust me, there’s a lot).

Kyle McDonald from Slightly Stoopid took the stage (red cup in hand) and sang “Brightside of Life.” Switching up to an acoustic guitar, Eric Rachmany continued the non-stop set with “Feeling Alright.” They too brought out different performers like the trumpeter from Slightly Stoopid for a lively solo and the percussionist, Oguer slapped the bongos for the rest of their set.  “Whos Got the Herb?” was rhetorical question of course. They didn’t have resort to getting high of the crowds weed clouds, Slightly Stoopid took this opportunity to pass the joint to Rebelution and answer their question.               

They ended their set with “Safe and Sound.” After seeing their opening set, it’s my mission to see them as the headliners of their own tour.

Even with the small crowd at 7:30 PM, Shwayze and Cisco tried their best to have the crowd hyped up for the performances to come. “Livin’ It Up,” and “Butterflies” started the set. It was a slow start but by the time “Corona and Lime” came on and the sun set, the people were on their feet.

Besides Cisco and Shwayze, they had a one man band on stage. That band being a keyboardist/background singer/percussionist/ trumpeter/ DJ. If only this guy was introduced I would know who this one man wonder is. He was the backbone of the set adding some spice to the otherwise ordinary performance.

Cisco at one point picked up a guitar to strum out there new song off their new album “Island in the Sun.” They also performed the self-titled track off the album which sounds like more of their melodic tunes soaked in a beach-like atmosphere.

Oguer also performed with them “High Together” and finished with their most famous song “Buzzin’.”

Tour dates are still being released so watch out for shows near you!



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