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Disney On Ice: Toy Story 3 at the Honda Center
Written by Brittany Woolsey   
Thursday, 22 December 2011 23:39

A cool chill strikes you as soon as you enter because the stage floor is covered with ice. When the show begins, that cold is replaced with warmth in your heart because childhood reminiscence presents itself.

Photo Credit: Disney On Ice

Disney On Ice: "Toy Story 3," now being performed at the Honda Center in Anaheim, is a fun journey that revisits youth through cute characters and sensational ice skating choreography.

Photo Credit: Disney On IceMickey, Minnie and the gang introduce the performance with upbeat music and the retelling of the events of "Toy Story 3" — sort of. For most of the first act, the show doesn't follow the storyline of the Disney Pixar film, but instead offers enlongated segments of Buzz Lightyear versus the Evil Emperor Zurg, the Pizza Planet story from the first film, Woody's Roundup — including a random dance to "The Hoedown Throwdown" from the "Hannah Montana" movie — and a (bit too feminine) skate solo by Andy. However, the first act also includes a beautiful skate solo by Jessie, who shows her sorrow for missing her previous owner during a rendition of Sarah McLachlan's "When Somebody Loved Me," from "Toy Story 2." Unfortunately, the end of act one seems to come rather abruptly, possibly because it just seems to be used as a means to introduce the characters without any true flowing storyline.

Photo Credit: Disney On IceLuckily, act two finally shows the events of the "Toy Story 3" film, chronicling Woody, Buzz and the gang's adventures at Sunnyside Daycare when Andy leaves for college. Unfortunately, they are greeted by Lotso, a cold-hearted, strawberry-scented Teddy bear who forces them to stay in the Caterpillar Room, where they are tormented by toddlers and are determined to escape from.

Act two is also when the show stealers, Barbie and Ken, are introduced. Like in the movie, the pair offers a lot of comedic relief because of Barbie's idiocracy and Ken's overly-feminine mannerisms. Their makeup is also very well done, with rubber wigs and makeup that make them actually look plastic (a bit scary, too.)

Photo Credit: Disney On IceHowever, even scarier are the evil toddlers that Woody, Buzz and the gang get stuck with. Represented by huge figurines, the toddlers are much bigger than anything else, and are truly a frightening sight. Thankfully, they are only present for a few minutes, leading way for more enjoyable moments, like Spanish-speaking Buzz and a fashion show by Ken.

Overall, the show is filled with a lot of joy, as any Disney show should be. All of the "Toy Story" characters are there, minus a few from the third installment. While this is generally a show aimed at kids, it is a treat for people of all ages because of its heartwarming storyline, talented performers and upbeat music. Just be sure to wear warm clothes because it does get chilly in the building.

Disney on Ice: "Toy Story 3" runs at the Honda Center from Dec. 20 to Dec. 25. Ticket prices range from $17.50 to $71.50, and are available on Ticketmaster and at the box office. 

If you miss one of the shows at the Honda Center you will still be able to catch it over the next couple of weeks in Ontario at the Citizens Business Bank Arena or at the Long Beach Convention Center. For more information and tickets visit Ticketmaster.


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