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Andrew W.K. Set to Party Hard in Southern California
Written by Zachary Fenell   
Thursday, 23 February 2012 01:51

Go ahead and blast Andrew W.K.’s I Get Wet album once again and build your anticipation for when the King of Partying brings the I Get Wet 10th Anniversary Tour to Southern California this March. Thursday, March 8th Andrew W.K. will play the Avalon in Los Angeles, CA and on Saturday, March 10th the musician looks to rock The Glass House in Pomona, CA. Throughout the tour the King of Partying plans to travel back in time and play his 2001 debut album I Get Wet in its entirety for the first time ever.

The fact Andrew W.K. never previously played I Get Wet live in its entirety makes the album’s 10th anniversary tour that much more special for fans. Really the amount of physical energy the King of Partying puts into each of his shows makes them all special in one sense or another. Just ask someone who attended a past Andrew W.K. concert if you’re skeptical.

Heck, even the man himself admits to this as we at OC Reloaded recently interviewed Andrew W.K. about his upcoming tour. Andrew W.K. discussed the power his music holds saying, “I’ve gone onstage with a full blown fever or felt totally weak, totally powerless or exhausted and just the sound and feeling of that music that type of rock n’ roll music it puts energy in your body, it’s just amazing, a miracle that works that way.”

From talking to Andrew W.K. you learn performing live maintains deeper sentiments beyond music for the recording artist. He spoke about ““the feeling of letting go but also holding on.” Through his music Andrew W.K. allows you to release your “ego” and experience your “true self.” The true self as Andrew W.K. explains involves “No embarrassment really about looking silly or getting sweaty or dancing like crazy. It’s just pure joy.” The holding on aspect revolves around the natural boost letting go gives you. In essence Andrew W.K. provides more than a musical experience, he provides a philosophical one.

When asked if anything stands out about playing in Orange County or the Golden State in general Andrew W.K. noted, “I was born in California so there’ an automatic feeling in my blood, just the smell of the air.” Interestingly enough the musician didn’t grow up in California so the special connection didn’t come from any specific nostalgia.

While Andrew W.K. does hold early childhood memories in the Golden State he moved away from California at a very early age. He actually grew up in the Michigan area and that’s where Andrew W.K. discovered the power of intense performers. He recalls experiencing such an atmosphere for the first time, seeing upperclassmen at his high school play with their bands. “First I was probably frightened by it because it seemed kind of dangerous and at times it would get kind of dangerous. It was like a riot kind of feeling, chaotic feeling in the room.” However, he continues “But it was so overwhelming and exciting in another way I couldn’t deny that energy.”

Links to purchase tickets to go see the King of Partying Thursday, March 8th at the Avalon in Los Angeles or Saturday, March 10th at The Glass House in Pomona can be found at www.andrewwk.com/performances.  Between Andrew W.K.’s intense energetic performances, his special connection to California, and the fact the 10th anniversary tour marks the first time the musician will be playing the I Get Wet album in its entirety, you can almost guarantee satisfaction. For Andrew W.K.’s full I Get Wet 10th Anniversary Tour schedule visit www.andrewwk.com/performances.


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