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Musink Updates!
Written by Chris Johnson   
Friday, 05 February 2010 07:10

The Musink festial is going through a lot of changes weeks before the event is set to take off. From when we previously reported a few weeks back there hae been a lot of additions to the live music lineup.

The new lineup is below, and for more information you can check out the event's website at musink.org


3:00 3:30 SIX
4:00 4:30 LaConic
5:00 5:30 Union Sound
6:00 6:30 Wolfbane
6:30 7:00 Slidebar Band
7:00 7:30 Good Guys in Black
7:30 8:00 Mike Vallely / By the Sword
8:30 9:00 The Unfortunates
9:30 11:00 THE CULT


1:00 1:30 Glass Heros
2:00 2:30 Powerflex 5
3:00 3:30 G.F.P. (Tony Alva's Band)
4:00 4:30 Final Conflict
5:00 5:30 The Sparing
6:00 6:30 Invisible Humans
7:00 7:45 The Head Cat
7:45 8:00 Surprise (maybe?)
8:30 9:30 The Buzzcocks
10:00 11:00 The Damned


1:00 1:30 Takse Driver
2:00 2:30 Lowbrow
3:00 3:30 The 3rd Degree
4:00 4:30 Riot Brides
5:00 5:30 Stolen Radio
5:30 6:00 Longway
6:00 6:30 Faraway Boys
6:30 7:00 The Black Tibetans
7:30 8:30 Face to Face
9:00 10:00 NOFX


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